Photos by BeachHouse+Garden


Ocean Flowers Print

Create a collection of vintage sea algae images for your home. Cover a blank white wall with many framed prints to instantly transform your space. From a bygone era, the timeless beauty of these prints, are perfect for today. With a touch of a button, learn about Anna Atkin’s Algea Sea Flower cyanotypes and print images from your home. Marvel vast collections from wonderful resources in the New York Public Library.



Curate your own collection, simply let your imagination journey through centuries of archival images. Re-purpose and reinvent combinations of materials in innovative ways. Frame your collection using unique vintage frames to hang salon style or use clean lined frames to hang in grid formation, for a fresh, modern style. Show a little restraint and hang just one sea print, for a pop of color.


Cyanotype Kit

Be inspired by the past. Try your hand at CYANOTYPE printing to create your very own signature collection.

Simply add, a bit of history, the sea and a beautiful new collection of prints, to your home.